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Data Centers

At COA, we know the complexities and special techniques needed to clean today’s high-tech data centers. Keeping your facility clean protects your data center’s equipment, reduces downtime and increases performance.

Our highly trained staff uses appropriate products and techniques to clean all specialty equipment and flooring as well as office space. We use the tools and techniques that will not harm your valuable equipment, such as vacuums with HEPA filters and shielded motor housings, and wiping cloths and mops with a low lint material for cleanroom environments. Floor cleaners are non-ammoniated for safe use and antistatic cleaners are used in areas such as equipment surfaces, interior server cabinets and ceilings.

Working directly with you, our COA team member will evaluate your needs and develop a cleaning plan and schedule. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we are always prepared to handle your emergency service requests.

COA’s precise cleaning techniques and attention to detail will keep your data center’s processing equipment running smoothly. Some of the specialty data center cleaning options we offer include:

  • Computer Room Services
  • Equipment and Cabinet Exterior Cleaning
  • Under Floor Cleaning/Sealing

To find out more information about our data center cleaning services and how COA can partner with you, contact us today!